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There are a lot of choices these days in Radio Flyer wagons - different constructions, styles, wheels, etc. So we came up with our Guide to Help you Choose the Right Wagon to help you sort it all out. We also have a Comparison Table to quickly compare our wagons' features. You can also look for Wagons by Model # or Price.
Classic Wagons (3 styles)
#22 Travler Radio Flyer Wagon

The classic Radio Flyer wagons you grew up with.

  • Steel wagons from $75.99.
  • Wagons with Wooden Sides from $84.99.
Sale - Free Shipping on all wagons!
#29 All terrain Radio Flyerwagon

With their larger, air filled tires, you can use these Radio Flyer wagons on all sorts of surfaces (grass, sand, gravel, etc). They also haul the most weight.

  • All Terrain Wagons from $125.

Plastic wagons (2 styles)
Sale - Free Shipping on all wagons!
Discovery Radio Flyer wagon

Plastic Radio Flyer wagons are great if you are going to the beach or anywhere you may want to use a wagon where it's wet. Some also have coolers.

  • Plastic wagons from $105.99.



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